963900_10151894683602915_74375547_o-2-300x300Asreen Rostami
 is a PhD candidate in HCI at Stockholm University. Her research focuses on technology for performance art and how interactive technologies can be designed for mixed-reality performances. Her current research looks at immersive theatre, audience interaction in traditional and interactive settings and performers interaction with respect to technology such as VR and IoT.

imageChiara Rossitto is a senior lecturer of HCI at Stockholm University. Her research is characterized by a combination of social theory and empirical investigations to understand the cultural and social impact of technology use. Her work on interactive performance has looked at critical qualities of audience participation, at the design of performances as means of civic engagement, as well as rehearsal practices for MRPs.

louiseLouise Barkhuus is an associate professor in user experience at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her research focuses on location-based systems and experiences with novel location technologies. Most related to the workshop, she recently followed a series of interactive theater plays for the studying of issues such as rehearsal for mixed reality performances and civic participation as interactive factors in theater performances.

cropped-me-2012Jonathan Hook is a Lecturer in Interactive Media at the University of York. His research uses human-centred design methods to explore how novel interactive technologies can support new forms of creative content and practice.

headshotrtRobyn Taylor is a Canadian researcher and musician working in Open Lab at Newcastle University. Robyn uses participatory performance as an investigatory medium, inviting members of the public to engage in improvisational performances. Through staging and evaluating playful collaborative experiences, she explores issues in human-computer interaction surrounding creative agency and social encounters in public spaces.


Jarmo Laaksolahti is a senior researcher at the Mobile Life Centre and a Lecturer of Interaction Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. His research explores how we can learn about the properties of digital materials and successfully use them in creative design. He has also worked on several design fiction projects including a fictional IKEA catalogue envisioning an IoT future, a brochure envisioning how technology will change services provided by the city of Stockholm, and a future course catalogue for KTH envisioning how technology will change education.

jocelynspenceJocelyn Spence is internationally recognised in the fields of human-computer interaction and performance studies. Her framework of Performative Experience Design has formed the basis for projects discussed in the interaction design and intermedial performance academic communities. She has advocated the use of performance in interaction and experience design through her contributions to the CHI Digital Arts Community.

cropped-me-2012Donald McMillan is a senior researcher at the Mobile Life Centre and a senior lecturer of HCI at Stockholm University. His research explores the impact of mobile technology on social interaction. His current research project focuses on interactions with, and impacts of, personal sensor data. He has also published on the ethical challenges of deploying and researching such invasive tracking technologies.

julieJulie Williamson is a Lecturer of Human Computer Interaction at the University of Glasgow. Her research explores how tangible performative interactions can be embedded into public places, focusing on ways of attracting users, encouraging playful behaviour, and evaluating user experience without intervening during users’ interactions.