The contributors are invited to submit a 2-4 page position paper in CHI ACM Extended Abstract, a 3-5 minute video on demonstrating your work on one of the main themes, or a 2-4 page pictorial.  This is designed to encourage artists, performers, and designers to attend the workshop. The organizers will review the submissions which will be selected based on relevance and innovativeness. The selection process will ensure the presence of different perspectives in order to foster discussion. Accepted submissions will be made available on the website for participants prior to attending the workshop.

Please direct queries and paper submissions to Asreen Rostami (asreen[at]dsv[dot]su[dot]se), with “CHI17 workshop” in the subject.

About pictorials:

Pictorials should be submitted in the CHI ACM Extended Abstract Format and not exceed 4 pages, excluding references. The first page of the submission should include the submission’s title, author(s) and their affiliation(s), and a written abstract of no more than 100 words succinctly describing the background and context of the pictorial. Further written parts known from other conference formats such as Introduction, Conclusion, Discussion, Acknowledgements, and References are optional. The main part of the submission should be an annotated visual composition —see examples of accepted pictorials at DIS ’16.